Engineering and Construction

WorkPac's Construction Business is made up of members of the Inoteq Group.

Inoteq provides capital sustaining and construction services to client power and water infrastructure assets.

Inoteq is an organisation known for having a strong value set, of which safety is the first priority, that drives consistently successful outcomes to the benefit of all involved. We deliver projects throughout Australia with special expertise in remote and regional areas. In support of our project delivery, Inoteq has access to a large scalable workforce and a tailored equipment fleet.

Why choose Inoteq?

Inoteq works collaboratively with all stakeholders to deliver the best solution.

We are a professional and experienced team supported by leading technology and systems, a combination that allows us to consistently produce high-quality results.

Inoteq is relentless in pursuit of safety and risk management excellence with a passionate focus on continually improved performance.

We are driven by the need to properly understand our client’s needs. This enables us to provide innovative solutions within agreed costs and timeframes.

We are experts in remote area work where we engage with local communities and our partners to achieve shared success.


Enjoy the benefits of a professionally managed fleet on-site and simplify your company’s vehicle maintenance. Gulumarri is an experienced and expert team that delivers the following:

  • Quality power line installation and maintenance works

  • Site dewatering projects

  • Electrical installations

  • Village maintenance and construction services


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