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A History of Strong Safety Performance


As a “people” business, the health and safety of our employees is WorkPac’s absolute priority. Our employees, clients and communities benefit from our track record in creating and maintaining worksites where injuries and incidents do not occur. Our people, systems and methods continue to secure our status as the industry leader in the provision of workforce safety management. 

For our people it is imperative that we anticipate risk and design creative management solutions for our workforce of over 10,000 people across the country in high risk industries.

The WorkPac Group is committed to workplace health and safety innovation, continually enhancing our safety management platform and setting the benchmark for proactive efficient and effective assessment and response to safety risk. We invest 4% of our gross profit into safety innovation and development.


At the heart of safety management is the need to ensure that our people remain safe throughout all aspects of their contact with our organisation and our client’s workplaces. From staff through to people on the ground our behaviours are beyond mere compliance.

It is our behaviour that assists our clients to establish workplaces where injury and incidents are prevented, and their Health, Safety and Environmental targets and objectives are achieved. Our safety system MaxSafe is so entrenched in our behaviour, day-to-day operations and processes that it has the capacity to automatically stop activity if a significant safety risk is identified. Ultimately our behaviour influences who we place, with what client, in what role.


Our award winning safety system, Max Safe has ensured thousands of people working in our nation’s highest risk industries return home safe to their loved ones every day. Max Safe drives the following activities:

  • Safety being a core part of the recruitment process. All FTMs undergo a strict medical and fitness for work assessment and cannot start work without an OSH Specialist approving the placement and allowing the recruitment process to proceed.

  • Qualifications and licences being scrutinised. All paperwork is viewed, verified and recorded in the employees’ file along with any requirements for updates. The system is intuitive and user friendly, one click to view qualifications and licences.

  • Injuries being proactively managed. An entrenched notification system ensures an injured worker is properly treated, a national team of injury management experts guide the business and in consultation with our clients' expedited return to work has proven very successful.

  • Clients being thoroughly audited. WorkPac is selective about who it partners with. A work site inspection and risk identification assessment is conducted to ensure they offer a safe workplace to our FTM’s.

  • On-going site visits. Regular site checks, safety interactions and genuine employee engagement ensures employees are doing the job they were assigned, that protocols are followed, that all correct safety precautions are being taken and feedback is communicated promptly.

  • Candidate safety assessments are regular and ongoing. The performance of candidates, particularly in the area of safety awareness, is constantly reviewed. Candidates are monitored and given a performance rating out of 10. This quantifying of performance identifies risks and ensures a commitment to continual improvement of our workforce.

  • Thorough incident reporting. WorkPac conducts and participates in thorough investigations of any incidents and learnings are shared with relevant parties within the week they occur. Real time logging and communication of incidents ensures transparency and identification of potential issues. Consultation with WorkPac’s clients is a key focus for a successful investigation, partnering to achieve a positive outcome has proven very successful.

  • Site Safety Interactions. One-on-one safety discussions are conducted with employees in the workplace with structured questioning and feedback on safety, these are true, genuine safety engaging conversations.

  • Safety Feedback Forums. Facilitated by WorkPac and performed onsite allowing workers to be open and honest about safety on the worksite. 

  • Independent Investigation of Incidents. WorkPac delivers a secondary opinion on workplace incidents, a national team of broad skilled of OSH Specialists are available to assist operatives in complex investigations, providing the client with objective, independent feedback on possible corrective actions.

  • Provision of Dedicated On-Site Resources. On large deployments, we have a dedicated site account manager assigned to be present on a weekly basis to support the client and our contracted workforce.


Our focus on safety and operational excellence means our knowledge management and operating system incorporates a no compromise duty of care framework, that partners with our people to encourage quality performance while providing optimum personal protection. Our employees and clients benefit from our focus on:

  • Improved business performance and operational capability: We invest 4% of our gross profit into safety innovation and development each year so that our clients experience maximum productivity with minimum risk.

  • Protection of brand and reputation: We have all seen in recent years, the significant and devastating impact of reputational loss to businesses as a result of safety performance failure.

  • Reduction in risk to your organisation/operation: In a dynamic world, building and operating an effective safety risk management system, directly improves safety management performance.

  • Improved competitive and strategic advantage: Safety performance provides capabilities to do business in ways others cannot achieve.


Our fully accredited systems are supported by a national team of Risk Managers, ensuring our commitment to health, safety and environment are never compromised. Contact us today and find out more about how we can help you drive a better bottom line through our zero harm approach to safety.



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