Our Vision for Reconciliation

WorkPac Group’s vision for reconciliation is underpinned by our total commitment to providing employment, education and training opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the communities in which we reside and operate.

Through 20 years of continuous operations within the recruitment, labour hire and training industries we recognise and acknowledge that there exist challenges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to encounter when seeking to enter and remain in the workforce.

The Group’s culture remains one of its key strengths where our workplaces are free of discrimination and fully supportive of minority or disengaged sector well-being. Our Reconciliation Action Plan and reconciliation activities aim to further enhance this strength.

Our vision is to help create and advance strong, inclusive communities involving all Australians through active promotion of the benefits of increasing Indigenous employment and training participation, heightening cultural awareness and building mutually respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Download a copy of WorkPac's Reconciliation Action Plan by clicking the image below.

Through the program, the WorkPac Group has developed a RAP— this business plan documents what we as an organisation commit to do to contribute to reconciliation in Australia. Our RAP gives the organisation the best chance of achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement objectives, and delivering broader outcomes including:

  • The opportunity to become an employer of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • A more dynamic, innovative and diverse workforce.
  • A more culturally safe and tolerant workplace.
  • Access to new markets and better penetration of existing markets.
  • Better service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.
  • The opportunity to contribute to new projects, industries, services, products and ways of doing business.

Introducing our Reconcilation Action Plan

View our video here.


RAP Artwork - Connections

Our RAP artwork is named Connections and is by Brisbane Indigenous Artist, Stephen Hogarth. The Artwork tells about how a group of people can change others by showing diversity, respect and eagerness to make a difference.

The campsite in the middle is where it begins (the meeting of Phil Smart & the Bowie Family). From there they reach out and others reach in, like a fire in their belly to help and engage with others to show their full potential (yellow and red oxide).

The travel lines on the edges are the communities from all walks of life that surround them searching for knowledge and reaching out (white dots, inner side).

The White dots on the other side of the travel lines represents knowledge, this sits there waiting for the people in the middle to let it be free for everyone to see.



Our Business

WorkPac Group is one of Australia’s largest privately owned diversified services companies, specialising in the provision of recruitment, labour hire and training services to the industry sectors of mining, resources, construction, engineering and healthcare.

Our business centre network is extensive, with over 35 operational facilities across Australia predominantly located in regional, rural or remote areas. As such we reside and operate within, or in close proximity to, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples communities across each State and Territory.

The Group has a proud track record of delivering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Employment and Training Programs in partnership with host organisations, community participants, local suppliers and traditional land owners. This includes delivered outcomes for communities across the Pilbara, Central and North Queensland and regional South.

Our firm commitment to championing the benefits of increased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples participation within employment and training opportunities, coupled with a recognised need for raising awareness and understanding of barriers faced led to the formation of our specialist service division – JobTrail – in 2015.

JobTrail now works with a variety of industry partners in delivering extended service offerings including: Pastoral Care Programs, Job Ready Programs, Community Capacity Assessments and Generational Family Way Training.

About JobTrail, the WorkPac Group and the Bowie Family

The WorkPac Groups JobTrail division has evolved from a 25-year friendship between WorkPac’s Chairman, Phil Smart and Albert Bowie. The Bowie Family have a history of business ownership and are well respected in the Indigenous community. Albert Bowie’s tribal heritage is from Badu and Erub in the Torres Strait and Palm Island. His wife Nancy Bowie (nee Go Sam) is from the Jirrbal and Ngadgon-Jii tribes in Far North Queensland.

The partnership with WorkPac has produced WorkPac’s own Indigenous Services division – JobTrail. It is the result of this friendship and also a shared vision – to develop Indigenous landowners to become responsible, reliable and adept at transitioning between social realities in contemporary Australia.

WorkPac had a strong desire to engage with the Indigenous community, create job opportunities and set up mentoring and pastoral care programs. The Bowie family has been able to assist by minimising the challenges faced when recruiting and retaining Indigenous Landowner employees. The connection to community enables JobTrail to provide ongoing holistic support to the employee and the acquisition of grounding and stability techniques. Visit our website for more information www.jobtrailatsi.com.au