Reconciliation Action Plan 2019

The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) program is a framework for organisations to realise their vision for reconciliation. RAP’s are practical plans of action built on relationships, respect and opportunities. RAP’s create social change and economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Through the program, the WorkPac Group has developed our second Innovate RAP — which is a business plan that documents what we as an organisation commit to do to contribute to reconciliation in Australia. Our RAP gives the organisation the best chance of achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement objectives, and delivering broader outcomes including:

  • The opportunity to become an employer of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • A more dynamic, innovative and diverse workforce.

  • A more culturally safe and tolerant workplace.

  • Access to new markets and better penetration of existing markets.

  • Better service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

  • The opportunity to contribute to new projects, industries, services, products and ways of doing business.



Hear from our staff about their commitments to Reconciliation!


'Reaching our Communities’

The artwork depicts the growth that WorkPac has had across the country since our last Reconciliation Action Plan. The hands represent all the people in our business that have had a part to play in this growth. The circles represent the communities across Australia that are prospering from the opportunities provided by WorkPac and JobTrail.

About the artist

DUSHONG (ROHIN KICKETT) is a modern Noongar artist from the Ballardong clan. Born in 1986 in Northam, Western Australia, Rohin’s works depict his personal experiences growing up in the Perth region.

Rohin finds inspiration while visiting his favourite spots in Perth and the Southwest, as well as in the environment around him. Some of his work also highlights the Noongar culture as it is today, and some of the trials and hardships the Noongar people are facing in a modern, multicultural society. Rohin has been experimenting with photography and incorporating his art style onto the photos he takes. The inspiration behind this concept is to combine aboriginal culture with the modern culture to show what is here now and what was here before.



March 2019 saw the launch of our second Reconciliation Action Plan.  In the last two years the successes we have seen throughout our RAP journey have been very rewarding. Sharing these successes with our local communities and within our organisation, allows us to build our team’s knowledge, skills, and cultural understanding and foster both respect and opportunity. 

At WorkPac Group we are in a unique position to reach communities all over Australia and are committed to ensuring that all members of the communities in which we operate are given the opportunity to participate in employment and further develop and acquire new skills. Our reconciliation action plan outcomes are underpinned by producing greater employment and training outcomes as well as being more involved with community engagement events and activities. 

We will now strive to reach a new level of engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. Our interaction and involvement from multiple parties including local Traditional Owners, Indigenous Ambassadors and Aboriginal Health services will continue to improve.

 The development of our RAP is through great collaboration across all our teams and the understanding and respect for each other stands out as the main drivers in achieving employment and training outcomes.  We look forward to further solidifying our relationships with all our stakeholders and we are thankful for the assistance and support provided by all our staff across Australia in ensuring our commitments made are delivered in full. 

Our RAP now forms part of the fabric of our entire organisation, it is a key part of our culture and we endeavor to continuously improve on how we can make a meaningful contribution in the communities we operate in.  For an update on what we achieved during our 2017/2019 RAP click here. For a copy of our 2017 Reconciliation Action plan click here.

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