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Life in our Business Centres

It’s not OUR Business Centre, it’s YOURS.

Our Business Centres are the heartbeat of our entire operation. They work with clients, candidates and Field Team Members at the coal face and keep the business propelling towards our aspirations.

Their success is also completely up to the people working in them. We don’t stifle our people with micromanagement and a one approach fits all mentality. We empower our people to treat their business as their own… and they are rewarded accordingly for its success. Think about that. Your business without the usual risks associated with running your own business. Sound good?

The WorkPac Group currently operates in metropolitan and regional locations Australia wide. Our expansion strategy runs parallel to the footprint of our clients' existing and pipeline projects.

So who makes our Business Centres tick and what is it like to be a part of its team?

Life as… a Regional Business Manager (RBM)

Our Regional Managers provide the leadership and sales focused management support necessary for their teams to achieve maximum levels of sales growth. They are our coaches.

Ultimately, Regional Business Managers are fully accountable for the results, staffing and productivity of the Centres under their supervision. In saying this, they are not controlling or dictatorial. Rather, they support, guide and empower their teams to realise their local business plans and goals.

Our RBMs are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and jump in the trenches. This is an onerous responsibility but one which carries considerable rewards, financially, personally and professionally.

Life as… a Business Centre Manager (BCM)

Our critical success factor. Business Centre Managers are the captain of their team. They manage, motivate, mentor and support their people; identify business growth opportunities; and develop strategic relationships with internal and external stakeholders in order to realise their business plan objectives and maximum sales growth. 

The strength of our BCMs is the difference between a winning and a mediocre team.

Our BCMs have access to a range of support resources including financial services, corporate business development, marketing training and recruitment.

BCMs are rewarded against the performance of their team and against the upholding of our company Values. 

Life as… a Business Development Manager (BDM)

Our BDMs are at the coal face where they work with clients to identify staffing solutions that drive better bottom line outcomes. This is a strategic, problem solving, proactive sales role that involves managing an existing portfolio of clients and seeking out new opportunities to grow their business (either through broadening existing relationships or developing new ones).

Our BDMs are out on the road or on site with the client. They are agile and efficient. They are also very hungry and competitive. It’s not a role for everyone but for those that love identifying and delivering solutions and exceptional service it is very rewarding, personally, professionally and definitely financially.

Life as… a Recruitment Coordinator (RC)

Recruitment Coordinators (RCs) work in partnership with Business Development Managers to source and place great candidates into roles requested by our clients. It’s go, go, go with speed, attention to detail and follow through the key to success in this role.

Whilst the hours can be long and days very busy, The WorkPac Group’s RCs can enjoy exceptional financial rewards and personal satisfaction working on exciting projects or placing candidates or Field Team Members into great jobs with our clients.

Life as… a Business Centre Administration Manager (BCAM)

The glue that keeps it all together. Business Centre Administration Managers (BCAMs) are the valuable central support system to their team. They are the eyes and ears for the Business Centre Manager, the brand and quality champion and the “Director of First Impressions” for visitors to their Centre.

It’s a big but rewarding job coordinating the team and our BCAMs are extraordinary in keeping day to day operations ticking along so that the team delivers exceptional service to clients, candidates and Field Team Members.

Being a BCAM offers great insight into potential career paths, learning the ins and outs of Business Centre operations.

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