​We are preparing for the end of the 2022/2023 financial year and employee Payment Summary information (also known as a Group Certificate) will soon be ready.​This important document will be available in employees' Australian Tax Office online services account, accessed via myGov.​It will be called an ‘Income Statement’ and will be available in myGov by 14 July 2023.​To avoid any delays with your Income Statement, we strongly encourage you to take the following steps: Make sure you have created a myGov account (click here for instructions) Check that your personal and contact details are correct in myWorkPac.  If you need to update your details, please contact your WorkPac Representative as soon as possible Please note that WorkPac does not email these documents, nor have copies to provide.​Please contact your WorkPac Representative for assistance with queries or further information.



​Friday 28 April is World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers' Memorial Day. This year’s theme is ‘A safe and healthy working environment is a fundamental principle and right at work’.  The day provides an opportunity to reflect on how to prevent work-related occupational diseases, deaths, injuries, and illnesses. It is also a day to remember those that have died from a work-related injury or illness. By raising awareness of work health and safety (WHS) issues and taking action to eliminate or minimise health and safety risks at work, we can help prevent further work-related fatalities and injuries.While the number of work-related fatalities in Australia has been steadily decreasing over the last decade, any workplace death is tragic and unacceptable. World Day is a good time to recognise the importance of work health and safety to prevent any work-related fatalities and injuries. WHS risk management can be as simple as a discussion with teammates or your manager. It is also important to remember to manage psychological and mental health risks. We encourage everyone to raise awareness about health and safety in the workplace and recommend visiting these sites for more information. Safe Work Australia - 2023 World DayAust Govt - Mental Health ResourcesLifeline



In accordance with Australia's national public holidays, ANZAC Day will be observed on Tuesday 25 April. Qld and NT will also acknowledge the Labour Day public holiday on Monday 1 May 2023. Please be advised of the following Pay Run adjustments through this time.  Week Commencing Monday 24 April 2023 Due to the Anzac Day public holiday, there will be no pay run on Tuesday 25 April (delaying pay by 1 working day)We encourage all employees to please lodge their approved timesheets prior to 10am AEST, Monday 24 April Timesheets received after this deadline will be processed in the next available pay run (ie. Thursday 27 & Friday 28 April)​Week Commencing Monday 1 May 2023Due to the NT and QLD Labour Day public holiday on Monday 1 May, pay will be delayed by 1 working dayTo minimise delays, we encourage all employees to please lodge their approved timesheets prior to 10am Tuesday 2 May 2023 to ensure timely processing​Please remember these public holidays may also impact your bank's processing days. Please contact your bank should you have any concerns. Employees are also encouraged to contact their WorkPac Representative for assistance with any other queries.​



Easter is just around the corner! With public holidays also approaching, WorkPac's Payroll team wish to advise our employees of the following changes:​Week Commencing Monday 3 April 2023 Due to the Good Friday Public Holiday there will be no pay run on Friday 7 April We encourage all employees to please lodge their approved timesheets by 10am AEST, Thursday 6 April Timesheets received after this deadline will be processed in the next available pay run (ie. Tuesday 11 April)​Week Commencing Monday 10 April 2023Due to the Easter Monday public holiday (Monday 10 April), pay will be delayed by 1 working dayTo ensure pay is processed in time, please ensure your approved timesheet has been logged by 10am AEST ,Tuesday 11 April Please note: Public holidays may also affect your bank's processing days. We encourage you to please contact your bank should you have any concerns. ​Please contact your WorkPac Representative for assistance with any other queries.​We wish our employees, teams and families, a safe and happy Easter.​ 

2023 - 2025 Reconciliation Action Plan Launched


WorkPac is proud to launch our third Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) continuing our Reconciliation journey. With the support of Hamish Griffin, CEO, and Rob O’Sullivan, RAP Working Group member, we came together in our Head Office on Turrbal Country and broadcasted nationally to all WorkPac locations. WorkPac employees were privileged to celebrate with a Welcome to Country and traditional dance performed by Jahmarley Dawson.  An emerging Aboriginal leader, Jahmarley lives in Brisbane where he is linked to the Turrbal People through bloodline connection and kinship ties. We were also delighted to welcome Rebecca Burke, National Indigenous Engagement Manager from WES.jobs JobTrail to discuss the importance of developing strong relationships with Indigenous Australians.   Our RAP is a significant step in supporting reconciliation, gaining a deeper understanding of our sphere of influence and continuing to focus on developing and strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, engaging staff and stakeholders in reconciliation, and developing and piloting innovative strategies to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.To celebrate our continued commitment to reconciliation WorkPac have commissioned special Artwork by Indigenous-owned business Dalmarri. GINYHAR MIYAGAN – Strong Relationships. The artists Jason Douglas and Trevor Eastwood describe the artwork as a ‘Representation of the magnificent work WorkPac is doing in communities providing opportunities and building stronger, lasting relationships with First Nations People. The colours represent the vibrant countryside, while still valuing and respecting the culture of First Nations People. The many dots and circles are communities who benefit by the opportunities and support WorkPac help create.’We are thrilled to share our RAP with our employees, stakeholders and partners and look forward to working together to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.Read our Reconciliation Action Plan and First Actions Here.​​A special mention and thanks to Print Junction General Manager Nathan Torzyn and Graphic Designer Luke Burton for design and printing services. 



​Australia's summer climate is one of extremes, with many regions regularly experiencing temperatures 30 degrees and above. In this blog, learn about the signs, symptoms and treatment of heatstroke and heat exhaustion and the steps you can take to help yourself and others stay safe.Heatwaves and hot weather can kill, and the risk of heat-related illness is higher for young children and elderly persons, during pregnancy and when taking certain medications. ​What is heat exhaustion?Heat exhaustion happens when someone becomes dehydrated due to fluid loss from a hot environment and/or excessive physical activity.​The symptoms of heat exhaustion include:Normal or mildly higher body temperatureCool, pale, clammy skinExcessive sweatingThirstyHeadacheMuscle crampsRapid, weak pulseFainting or dizziness​TreatmentHelp the person to lie down in a cool or shady area to monitorRemove excessive clothing and loosen any tight clothingImmerse hands and feet in cold water, cool by fanning and moisten the skin, if possibleIf fully alert and responsive, give them frequent small drinks of waterIf muscle cramps occur, gently stretch the affected muscles to ease the pain​What is heatstroke?Heatstroke is a life-threatening emergency and can cause a person to collapse or fall unconscious. Heatstroke is more serious and means the body is no longer able to regulate its temperature by cooling the skin's surface by sweating. The internal body temperature rises, and organ damage can occur.The symptoms of heatstroke include:Reduced sweatingHigh body temperature (above 40°C)Dry, flushed, hot skinNauseaMuscle spasmsPain throughout the bodyUnusual behaviour or signs of confusionSeizure or possible loss of responsiveness​TreatmentImmediately call 000 for an ambulanceIf available, have the person take a cold shower or bathCool the person with household items such as wet towels, fans or icepacks placed in the neck, groin and armpitsIf unresponsive or not alert, place in the recovery positionPrepare to give CPR if necessary​Heatwaves can kill, so it's important to be aware of what to look for and what you can do to help. For more information, the Red Cross has an excellent First Aid app (download here)and advice about how to stay cool in hot weather.

Tinnitus Awareness Week | 6 - 12 February 2023


​Did you know nearly 1 in 5 Australians experience some form of tinnitus? For Tinnitus Awareness Week, we take a closer look at what this condition is and how to prevent hearing damage.Tinnitus is a medically diagnosed physical condition that may present by ringing, humming or buzzing in your ear, especially when no noise is present. Approximately 17 to 20 per cent of Australians suffer from some degree of tinnitus.The causes of tinnitus include exposure to loud noises such as a chainsaw, loud music through headphones and equipment used in industrial, farming and transport, Meniere’s disease, some medications, ear wax and ear infections and lastly degeneration of cells within the cochlea, jaw or ear.You can prevent the occurrence of tinnitus by utilising ear plugs and/or earmuffs when you are exposed to loud sounds over 85 decibels, especially on work sites when using equipment and machinery. If you are using headphones for music, use noise-cancelling headphones, decrease the sound and use them for less than 90 minutes a day. Take regular breaks from areas of high noise to give your ears a rest. If attending concerts stand away from the speakers to reduce the impact. If you experience ringing in your ears or you are concerned speak to your doctor.For further information please visit healthdirect.gov.au/tinnitus



​Due to the Australia Day public holiday, we wish to advise all divisions and FTMs that there will be no pay run on Thursday 26 January.​To avoid payment delays, please ensure you have logged your approved timesheet by 10am AEST, Wednesday 25 January.​Timesheets received after this cut off will be processed in the following pay run on Friday 27 January.​Should you have any queries, please feel welcome to contact your WorkPac Recruitment Coordinator.​We also encourage you to reach out to your bank for assistance with queries regarding their processing days.

WorkPac Christmas Pay Run Guide for 2022


​​Christmas is just around the corner! And we know how busy this time of year can be. To help we have popped together a handy reference of key dates so you can plan ahead, relax, and focus on what matters most this festive season.​Payroll Changes | All Divisions & FTMs​Week commencing Sunday 18 December 2022Payroll operates as usual this weekPlease ensure your approved timesheet is lodged by 10am AEST Monday 19 December​Week commencing Sunday 25 December 2022Payroll closed Mon 26 and Tues 27 December (all pays will be pushed back by 2 days)Please lodge your approved timesheet by 10am AEST Wednesday 28 DecemberThe main pay run will be processed Friday 30 December​Week commencing Sunday 1 January 2023Payroll closed Monday 2 January (all pays will be pushed back by 1 day)Please lodge your approved timesheet by 10am AEST Tuesday 3 January  Importantly, our Payroll team are aiming to minimise these delays where possible. For example, if all employees in a division have lodged their timesheets, we will endeavour to process payments earlier. This is a great reason to make sure your data is logged promptly.We also encourage you to reach out to your bank for assistance with queries regarding their processing days.Please contact your WorkPac Recruitment Coordinator for assistance with any queries.Wishing you all the best for the festive season and a joyful start to a happy new year.

WorkPac Christmas Closure Dates – Contact Over The Christmas Period


​​Need to get in touch with us over the Christmas period? From Monday 26 December 2022 to Tuesday 3 January 2023, WorkPac’s office locations will be available via appointment only from 8.00am to 3.30pm. To ensure your enquiry can be handled quickly and efficiently, please contact us on 1300 967 572.For further information regarding when pays will be processed over the Christmas period, please check out our recent blog post here.On behalf of WorkPac, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout 2022. We hope this festive season brings you happiness and a joyful start to a prosperous new year.

WorkPac announce it has been awarded service contracts with Workforce Australia

By author: Tracey Mesken04/04/2022

​Following the announcement by the Department of Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family business, WorkPac is proud to announce it has been awarded service contracts with Workforce Australia. In response, WorkPac wishes to advise the launch of WES.JobsFrom 1 July 2022, WES.Jobs will operate as a Workforce Australia provider. As the newest member of the WorkPac Group, the largest Australian owned recruiter with over 25 years' experience finding people employment, WES.Jobs will focus on helping unemployed job seekers.As a local and regional employment specialist, WorkPac is in the business of finding people work. WorkPac knows how to support Australians across the full employment lifecycle. WES.Jobs will leverage this long history of experience, along with WorkPac’s established client relations with local companies in industries like mining, construction, engineering, industrial and healthcare, to offer job seekers tailored, enhanced services.At launch, WES.Jobs will operate in Mackay and Brisbane South East - together with our specialist Indigenous provider JobTrail. WES.Jobs will maximise outcomes by complementing expert recruitment practices with additional services to enable upskilling, training, personal and professional development, coupled with personal support before and after placement. It will connect job seekers and employers by assisting them to find placements that meet their mutual goals. Our personalised approach will help job seekers tailor themselves to best match with available opportunities.Recognising the strength of diversity, WES.Jobs offers job seekers an inclusive, fair and respectful environment. Building on this commitment and deep understanding of market demands, WES.Jobs will help each registered job seeker enhance their employability to meet employment market needs.The WorkPac Group and WES.Jobs look forward to supporting Workforce Australia through this new partnership.

WorkPac Celebrates 25 Years of Success

By author: Claude Drulik23/03/2022

​​This month, WorkPac celebrates its 25th anniversary.Founded by Phil Smart in 1997, WorkPac has grown from a Perth-based team of two into one of Australia’s largest private employers.Now, over 450 staff across 35 metropolitan and regional offices place more than 26,000 people annually and manage a workforce field team of over 10,000.WorkPac are a gateway for individuals to find a job. We expand people's access to employment and build careers.Over the course of 25 years, WorkPac have employed over 300,000 field team members and supported thousands of Trainees and Apprentices to commence careers in the Mining, Construction and Healthcare sectors.Looking ahead, as we continue striving towards becoming an employer of choice, as well as championing diversity and inclusion initiatives, WorkPac is setting new standards in workforce services.At WorkPac, we are very proud of our achievements over the past 25 years and are grateful for the support of our customers, suppliers, and most importantly, our employees.

Dual Award Nomination, for Client Service and Best Back Office Team

By author: Tracey Mesken13/11/2020

​Two of WorkPac’s teams are nominated for the TALiNT International Annual Recruitment Awards which is taking place between 4 – 5pm AEDT on Friday 13th November.The annual TALiNT Awards recognise the remarkable hard work, commitment, and sheer entrepreneurship in the Australian recruitment industry. This is an opportunity to win one of the most coveted and prestigious accolades in the sector.Our Project Services Recruitment team who manage recruitment for one of our largest clients, is nominated for the Client Service Award. The award recognises excellence and collaboration in the delivery of a talent acquisition project where you have worked side-by-side with a client fulfilling a specific requirement campaign.Karla Walton our Senior Site Manager based in Mackay explains, “the team have been nominated because they rose to an epic challenge by one of our largest clients during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.”“We were required to recruit hundreds of skilled and experienced mining workers locally within the Bowen Basin and surrounding region in the face of risks and challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.”“Thirteen Queensland mine sites remained completely operational throughout the peak of the pandemic, with the mobilisation of standby personnel when needed supplied by the WorkPac team.”The WorkPac Credit team have been nominated as a finalist for the Best Back Office Team Award.The Credit team are a vital part of the WorkPac business where each day, they convert sales into realised revenue and achieve outcome-focussed solutions for the business. What makes this team special is their unique culture and the strong partnerships built with WorkPac’s other teams, along with their genuine desire to continually improve and track their performance against metrics. One of the biggest tangible benefits delivered by this team is the reduction of WorkPac’s Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 12 days (a 29% reduction) which has had a significant, positive impact on monthly cash flow. The team have also achieved bad debt levels among the lowest in the Mining, Construction and Civil Engineering industries with only 0.05% of bad debts (industry average is approximately 2%).Our Head of Credit Doug Ventham explained, “the WorkPac Credit team are a true partner to our clients, recruitment operatives and managers. Through personal involvement with both our Business Managers and clients, we are able to resolve suitable trading terms in order to collect outstanding monies owed.” “We go to great lengths to understand how our clients want their invoices to be presented, in order to enable swift payment.”To further help deliver quantifiable benefits, the Credit team engaged with WorkPac’s Technology team to implement an invoicing bot to automatically develop invoices from payroll data and then check each invoice against approved timesheets and purchase orders for automated approval. The benefits of this new system have included a reduction in average payment times and greatly reduced administrative activity for both our Operations team and our clients.Through this understanding of the benefits that the team provide, and their support to maintain client relationships, the Credit team are appreciated by and have true synergy with their stakeholders across the business. WorkPac also congratulates all other nominees for the Awards, after a tough year, we are looking forward to celebrating digitally within our industry.

R U OK Day September 10

By author: Tracey Mesken10/09/2020

​​10th September 2020 is a day set aside from others to remind us all the importance of checking in with colleagues, friends and family to as the questions “R U OK?”  At WorkPac we care about all our team members. We understand that life’s challenges can leave people feeling helpless, hopeless, afraid, disconnected and at genuine risk. We consistently encourage all our employees to have open communications with their Managers and access the dedicated Employee Assistance Program services if they need additional support. Visit https://www.workpac.com/employee-assistance-programWe understand that positive actions in an open safe environment encourages engagement and can assist with improving health and wellbeing in the workplace.  A simple way to provide support is by genuinely asking “Are you OK?”  and be prepared to have regular meaningful conversations to help someone who might be struggling to feel supported when confronted with challenges in life whether at home, work, school or in sport.This year, we encourage everyone to keep promoting the importance of Work Health and Safety in your workplaces, looking out for one another and As always, if you need any additional information or support please reach out to your WorkPac Representative, Supervisor, Direct Manager & Regional Risk Manager.


By author: Tracey Mesken08/06/2020

Across Queensland, those in regional areas are doing it tough. Years of drought have left many farmers under serious strain, not able to make ends meet as they struggle to feed their animals, maintain their crops, and even care for themselves and their families.The Granite Belt is one of the regions that has been hit hard by the drought. It is also a region that makes a strong contribution to the wider state, providing a diverse range of produce, and bringing in tourists through their wineries and various festivals and events. As tanks in the region have dried up many have now turned to using bore water, with the water supplies that are left set to run out by Christmas.The credit team at the WorkPac Service centre recognised an opportunity to help those in our state doing it tough, by supporting the Granite Belt Drought Assist. The movement was started by locals to support those who need it most, particularly the smaller producers not eligible for government assistance.To support the cause, the team organised a water drive, encouraging water donations from staff in the business. Thanks to those at our Service Centre and our Business Centres in Brisbane North, Brisbane South and the Sunshine Coast, they were able to collect 1800 litres for donation.The team dropped off four ute loads of water yesterday to a warehouse in Rocklea, where it will then be transported to the Granite Belt region on October 26th.​​Organiser of the Let’s Send Them A Truck Load initiative, Rachael Eddy explained that this is the second water convoy they have organised.She said “We have nine trucks already filled and we are hoping to be able to fill 10 truck loads in total. This will equate to 200,000 litres of water for people whose tanks are dry.She explained “The Granite Belt Drought Assist team distributes the water to registered member of the public.” They prioritised the distribution of water to those without town water, to families with children and the elderly.”“Our farmers and farming families, our regional friends in the west don’t give up and neither can we.”“This drought isn’t going to break with the next rain, unfortunately it will take some decent rain to do any good."“But not being able to have a shower, have clean water to drink, brush your teeth or mix your babies formula is something no Australian should be faced with.”We encourage anyone who can to get involved, whether it’s through a monetary donation or a water donation. If you are in Brisbane get it touch with Rachael Eddy via the Let’s Send Them A Truck Load – WATER Convoy Facebook Page. You can learn more about the Granite Belt Drought Assist team on their website. ​


By author: Chartered Accountants ANZ03/06/2020

​​As National Reconciliation Week draws to a close our very own Financial Accountant Sam Roberts talks about why we need to reconcile, and not just in accounting!​https://www.charteredaccountantsanz.com/news-and-analysis/news/why-we-need-to-reconcile-and-not-just-in-accounting


By author: Tracey Mesken27/05/2020

​“This year’s National Reconciliation Week theme says, we are ‘In this together’. That theme is resonating now in ways we could not have foreseen when it was developed last year, but it reminds us whether in a crisis or in reconciliation, we are all in this together,” Karen Mundine CEO, Reconciliation Australia​What is the theme for 2020?Reconciliation Australia announced the theme for National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 2020 is In This Together. It encourages all Australians to reflect on the part they play – whether big or small – on our journey towards reconciliation. Reconciliation Australia’s chief executive, Karen Mundine, added that this year’s theme takes on a new meaning in the context of COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing measures. “As this year’s National Reconciliation Week theme says, we are ‘In this together’. That theme is resonating now in ways we could not have foreseen when it was developed last year, but it reminds us whether in a crisis or in reconciliation, we are all in this together,” Mundine said.“This year’s NRW 2020 will be entirely online, a way of life we have all become very familiar with in the past couple of months. “We are launching on Wednesday 27 May by asking everyone to take to social media to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Country so we can all be in this together, even when we’re apart physically.”WorkPac’s contributionWorkPac prides itself on its commitment to Reconciliation. We strive to engage with community wherever possible to assist with their needs and wants and to increase employment and training opportunities for our First Nations peoples. Our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-2020 clarifies our commitments and our team works daily to achieve these outcomes. With the support of our JobTrail division, the WorkPac Group has 7% Indigenous employment across its workforce and many valued partnerships with Aboriginal groups and organisations.Reconciliation Australia has suggested 20 ways to be #InThisTogether in 2020. As a company, we are spread across regional and rural Australia with a lot of our staff still working from home during COVID-19 restrictions. As a result, our staff will work through these 20 suggestions to make sure they are all personally involved. Connect online for the at Tune Reconciliation Bridge Walks of 2000: Paving the path for reconciliationFacebook Live 12pm Thursday 28 MayIn 9pm Friday 29 MayCapture Host an online screening of a Read your virtual copy of on our websiteHost a virtual book club or reading room with our reconciliation reading listDownload the to display in your virtual meetingsDownload the poster Groove out or chill with our reconciliation channel on during Reconciliation Week.Learn more about , for NRW 2020Read the and share with your friendsLearn about the history of the held across Australia 20 years agoShare your photos and memories of the on social with the hashtags: #InThisTogether2020 and #NRW2020Watch the documentary via Vimeo and check out their free screenings for schoolsFollow Reconciliation Australia on social, and Cook a dish using native ingredients from your local area and share a photoSupport Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and enterprisesGet creative and hold your own virtual NRW 2020 event with family and friendsStay safe and healthy, and be involved with your local community – because we are #InThisTogether2020.*(all times AEST)History of National Reconciliation WeekNational Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. The dates for NRW remain the same each year; 27 May to 3 June. These dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey – the successful 1967 referendum, and the High Court Mabo decision respectively. NRW is preceded by National Sorry Day on 26 May.This year also marks twenty years since the monumental display of support for reconciliation, when around 250,000 Australians walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The People’s Walk for Reconciliation, (as the bridge walk was titled) had a profound impact on those who participated, and a roll-on effect around the country. By the end of the year 2000, the walks for reconciliation held right across the country became the largest display of public support for a single cause in Australian history.For further information on NRW, please go to https://www.reconciliation.org.au/national-reconciliation-week/ 


By author: Tracey Mesken11/03/2020

​Please follow the link below for general updates on COVID-19 communications for WorkPac Group employees.www.workpacgroup.com/covid19For site specific COVID-19 updates for WorkPac Group employees, please login to myworkpac and visit the following linkhttps://my.workpac.com/main/covid-19At the WorkPac Group, the health and wellbeing of our people remains our top priority. There is no cause for panic. We are monitoring and assessing the situation daily and we are taking a considered, risk-based approach to managing our response and actions.Please consult with your recruitment coordinator if you have questions relating to your personal circumstances.


By author: Tracey Mesken03/03/2020

​What is your name and job title?Tiphanie Whitmore - Recruitment Manager How long have you been at WorkPac for?10 years. I started at WorkPac when it was founded, then worked elsewhere for 6 years before returning to WorkPac in 2012. This year will be my 8th year back at WorkPac. Tell us about yourself – Who is Tiphanie Whitmore? My interests are extensive, but travel is my passion. Outside of that, I'm your average working woman, doing my stuff on the weekend, running the house, raising teenagers and forever attempting the elusive task of finding time for me. I had foregone a lot of travel in my younger years, so now I'm working for travel and life experiences. Tell us about your role as a recruitment manager. What does a typical day look like in your role?I oversee three teams, so I spend quite a bit of time deep-diving into our processes and reporting results to seek more productive ways for our teams to operate. I strive to be armed with information and insights so there is transparency within our team to ensure we are continually delivering a quality product at all times. I try my best to ensure that our recruiters and mobilisation officers have every tool available to set them up for success. At the end of the day, it's about getting results and making sure vacancies are getting filled, and our people are mobilised on time, whilst building and maintaining a positive team culture. Take us on a journey through your career. How did you end up on this path and how did you get to where you are today?My career at WorkPac started when I moved to Perth in 1997 from Karratha with a young child in tow. There, I applied for a receptionist position and was offered the role.  This was my introduction to the recruitment industry, and it happened to be with a small recruitment agency owned at the time by Phil Smart.  Phil later offered me a role with WorkPac to help create their systems and to get the first WorkPac Business Centre based in Leederville quality assured. I used the knowledge I had acquired from previous experience, which included setting up an Electrical Motor Rewinding business in Karratha with my then husband.Due to my domestic situation, I had a really flexible work arrangement which allowed me to be a mum and enabled me to continue to work in the business. I’ve job shared, worked part-time and full time at WorkPac.For 23 years, I’ve always worked in the recruitment industry. Aside from being a recruiter, I’ve had a diverse range of experience spanning from Business Centre Administration Manager, Quality Manager, Operations Manager and various team leader roles, covering training, quality systems, shutdown recruitment and most recently leading the mobilisation and recruitment teams for WorkPac’s Rio Tinto Project Services business.23 years of experience has allowed me to share the knowledge to do what I do now. What do you enjoy most about your career/current role? What drives you and keeps you coming into work every day?Showing people how to be successful in the business, and most importantly, you need to get a buzz out of recruiting people into roles, because it changes peoples lives. Tell us about some of your most memorable career highlights and achievements.My most memorable achievement was when I  first hit my first large recruitment drive in a very candidate tight market. At the time in Western Australia, we were experiencing a mining/construction boom within the iron ore sector, and the labour pool was virtually non-existent. Being able to get 100+ people placed at that point in a labour tight-market was a big achievement for me.This taught me how valuable relationships and word of mouth can be for referrals.  The trust that people instil in you to look after their employment needs certainly created a sense of pride and responsibility. What do you like most about being part of the WorkPac family? What makes WorkPac a great place to work?Freedom with responsibility.  When people realise the opportunity, this business does allow you to meet or exceed your goals, it’s all up to the individual. How has WorkPac enabled you to grow?The great mentoring I've had through the years. I’ve been privy to excellent mentors and have been very lucky to work with and for the directors of the business. Throughout that journey, I've worked with really fantastic business development managers and I’ve learnt a lot from some of the women in this business. I regularly sense-check myself with my trusted advisors, and that ability to reach out is invaluable.  I learn through action and observation. Not through textbooks, but by seeing people in action. What are some barriers you’ve faced in your career, and how did you overcome them?If there’s a problem, you have to be solutions focused. If you’re solutions-focused and you encourage the team around you to be solutions-focused, that’s the only way you can knock down barriers. Based on your experience, what advice would you give other women looking to pursue a successful and fulfilling career?Learn balance. Learn that you are not indispensable and don’t let past adversity prevent you from taking leaps of faith. Facing adverse situations and conquering them will get you to where you need to be, and without knowing it, you will be faced with opportunities you never thought possible. Have faith! Can you name a woman that has been a mentor or inspiration to you? Why?In the early days, I worked in a predominantly male environment, and most of my mentors were males; however, WorkPac has become a very female-centric company in recent years, full of inspiring and driven women.I really enjoy the underdog stories – the stories that inspire me the most are the ones where they’ve had a to overcome true adversity like JK Rowling or Oprah. I find these stories very inspirational as these women are boundary breakers. What is your favourite quote?‘Motivation is like showering – you have to do it daily’. – Zig ZiglarI believe you have to be passionate.  Whatever it is you do, you have to love it and own it! What does success mean to you?Seeing people around me achieving success and reaching their goals (whatever they may be) then my success will come. Could you share an inspiring book, movie, blog or video you enjoy that you think would inspire other women?When we first started at WorkPac, Phil Smart gave us a book called ‘Skill with People’. It’s a little blue book with probably no more than 40 pages. It's not a novel and its not a new revelation. The book brings things back to the basics and knowing the basics of how to deal with people. When you're in the service business, this skill is essential. You don’t need encyclopedias or textbooks to learn this stuff, you just need to master the basics of dealing with people. I was given that book at a very young age, and I’ve carried it with me through my life.A particular section of the book has always resonated with me – ‘The sweetest sound to someone is hearing their own name.  Remember it’.To find something that influences you, you really need to go on your own individual discovery. You need to be forever reading, watching and observing.  There is a plethora of resources out there to grab inspiration from so learn to become inquisitive. What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your career and/or life?The best way to impart knowledge and to get people to understand why we do certain things the way we do them is always giving the ‘why’. And believe me, there’s a lot of whys in the recruitment business. Take people on a journey to explain the ‘why’. What are you looking to achieve next in your career and/or life?Life experiences. I’m at the point now where what I want to achieve is to have more life experiences, and my career is going to allow me to do that. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?I do like that women can come together and learn from each other through International Women's Day. Bringing people together is a sure way of women learning from one another. Women love the relatability of being able to talk to one another and share stories, and what a forum to do this. This year's theme for International Women's Day is #eachforequal.Please share your thoughts on how each of us can help move the world towards a more equal world for women (in business and in life)?Women need to know what their value is and make sure they take personal accountability to ensure their value is being recognised, both in their career, in their role as parents and personal life. We tend to not be very good at that. Women need to know their value and worth and not be afraid or ashamed to be recognised for that. International Women's Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. Click here to learn more about International Women's Day.


By author: Tracey Mesken03/03/2020

​​What is your name, job title and duration of time with WorkPac?Lis Kelemete – Business Centre Manager Townsville – 10 years in July. Tell us about yourself – Who is ‘Lis Kelemete’?I’m of proud Polynesian descent and my parents migrated from Western Samoa to Mt Isa Qld in the early 70s.  Born in Mt Isa, we moved to rural Clermont in Central Queensland when I was 3 and lived there for 16 years.  Went to an all-girls boarding school in Yeppoon, University in Mackay for 2.5 years before settling in Townsville where I have been for 17 years. I am happily married with 3 children (aged 10/12/14) who have taught me so many lessons that I’ve been able to use in my everyday life. The most important lesson being a mother has taught me?  How to make the horse drink the water!When I’m not at work or in denial about having a social life, I’m at home enjoying family life, attempting to keep fit and play Women's Grid Iron.  I love RnB and listening to podcasts on personal development and currently listening to the ‘The Leadership Dojo’. Tell us about your role as a Business Centre Manager. What does a typical day look like in your role? I always start my mornings off with a morning update/email to my team covering off clear team goals, the days agenda of outstanding vacancies and open the floor for any questions or follow-up the team may have for me and the day naturally rolls on from there. I often like to share motivational and inspirational quotes with my morning updates/emails because I’m an avid believer in the power of ‘Language’ because there is power in the words themselves. One quote could be someone's life mantra or change to someone's day to remind them of their abilities!As a leader; you’re only as strong as your team and as a result, when you get the internal culture right, and you empower them forward; the result will always be a success. Take us on a journey through your career. How did you end up on this path and how did you get to where you are today?Before I entered recruitment, I came from a fashion retail background in management where I had been since I was 19 whilst studying. Being in a position of management, I discovered quickly that I enjoyed recruiting and headhunting people to complete my staff. So I started to look at recruitment vacancies, and it unfolded from there.I entered WorkPac as a Recruitment Coordinator in late 2009 and it was a trajectory of work projects throughout my career that really gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my skill set, strengths and leadership.This inevitably enabled a positive but diligent progression over 7 years from a recruiter to an Account Manager, to a Business Development Manager and now Business Centre Manager. I continue to love what I do for a brand and company that I wholeheartedly believe in.I love the competitive aspect of recruiting and selling.  Every role presents its own unique set of challenges – you determine the outcome. What do you enjoy most about your career/current role? What drives you and keeps you coming into work every day? The variability of my job is what gets me up in the morning.  Each day presents unique challenges, and I am driven by the ownership and absolute autonomy WorkPac give me on my responsibilities.  No day is the same, recruitment is always changing and evolving so for me; every day is an adventure! Tell us about some of your most memorable career highlights and achievements.Being awarded 2018 Business Centre Manager of the year – Receiving National recognition amongst fellow high achievers was a pinnacle point of my career and the silver lining to an exciting but nail-biting rollercoaster journey.2019 - Our Townsville Business Centre & my team were the inaugural champions of ‘Social responsibility’ within the WorkPac business.I think the importance of giving to others creates so much meaning to life and that meaning never comes from what you get, it comes from what you give.  It’s not what you can do for yourself; it’s about how we can better the lives of others particularly those in our direct community that we know or we get to know.  It creates a ripple effect and our team continue to exemplify this well within our community engagement. What do you like most about being part of the WorkPac family? What makes WorkPac a great place to work?I thrive on effective collaboration and communication and WorkPac conductively provides this. I work in a great collaborative environment and there is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals from my team and our North Qld region that all revolve around helping each other and chasing our common goals. We support each other and work together to create feedback and make our ideas a reality. How has WorkPac enabled you to grow?My journey with WorkPac has taught me never to second guess my capabilities.  Don’t hold back because your strengths will add value to any situation. What are some barriers you’ve faced in your career and/or life, and how did you overcome them?Making the tough decision to job-swap with my husband to focus on building a career whilst ensuring our children still had one of us caring for them around the clock.  This was inevitably my husband for 8 years!..….Hats off to stay-at-home dads!As the sole breadwinner for our family; I entered the recruitment industry in Mackay working for a different recruitment agency in the middle of the GFC and was paid monthly whilst still actively breastfeeding!  My toilet breaks were pumping any excess milk to store and freeze for my son.  My role was 360/end-to-end recruiting and it was important for me to show I was 100% committed so I ensured I was always the first person at work and the last one to leave.Without my husband's unconditional support for my career and equality; I wouldn’t have the current career satisfaction that I do today. Based on your experience, what advice would you give other women looking to pursue a successful and fulfilling career?That when opportunities arise; your default response should be “YES”.  Sometimes things may not work out but if you are always being open to ideas and opportunities; this can only lead to progress. Can you name a woman that has been a mentor or inspiration to you? Why?The most influential woman in my life goes without saying, and that is my mum.  She has always taught me to work hard but most of all; just to be a good human being BUT never ever forget to laugh and have fun. As a child; she sacrificed so much for my siblings and I; working numerous jobs round the clock whilst still managing to support us all through all our sporting and extracurricular activities all because she wanted us to learn teamwork; make friends and have a fun childhood. I can always count on her to make me genuinely laugh (or, in other cases, to laugh at!) What is your favourite quote?“Leadership isn’t about taking people where they want to go; it's about taking people where they need to go. And there’s a difference”~ Tony Harrington What does success mean to you?Success to me is having faith in your abilities and appreciating ALL the baby steps it takes to make a leap forward.  I believe in courage, perseverance and laughter in being the creator of your own success – because if you love what you do and do what you love – the by-product is success! Align yourself with co-dreamers; people who understand and support your dreams and aspirations. Could you share a reference or link to an inspiring book, movie, blog or video you enjoy that you think would inspire other women?What it takes to be a great leader  - by Rosalind Torres - Ted Talks What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your career and/or life?Embrace error or ‘fail forward fast’; don’t dwell on your mistakes but learn from them (and don’t make the same one again) What are you looking to achieve next in your career and/or life?Ultimately, I’ve grown so much in my WorkPac career in the last 9.5 years and my aim is to always strive for continued growth and opportunities where I can build on my success in the business. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?International Women's day is a testament to the women we know, love and aspire to be.  I aspire to be the person my daughter looks up to; that she may never be afraid to be a ‘game-changer’ and be fearless in all her pursuits. This year's theme is #eachforequal. Please share your thoughts on how each of us can help move the world towards a more equal world for women (in business and in life)?I believe its important to create an inclusive and dynamic environment in all aspects of life whether it be in the workplace, school/college, sports, whatever the organisation or group; it has to be ensured that everyone has got an equal opportunity to succeed.  And this starts with you. International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. Click here to learn more about International Women’s Day.